Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Sometimes I wonder if...

..people rather would start eating people than going vegan?

People won´t stop producing offspring, they also won´t stop eating and if a war or illness like the spanish flu or something similiar does not wipe away most humans, so we can pick up  farming for much less people, we will soon reach the end of our possibilities.

We are running out of ressources and space, plans are made to build skyscrapers that can be used as vertical farms, tanks with algaes to feed the farm animals or even insects breed as food..

But how will that end?

A war for ressources world wide like WW2, like it already happens in africa or south america, either killing off many humans or enslaving them..

Back to post industrial times, or like Einstein said, back to the stone age?

Maybe some people will start argueing how so many third world people starve and if god hadn´t intended for humans to be eaten, why have they been made out of tasty meat?

Maybe people will catch poor humans, fatten them up and use them as slaves and eat them when their usefullness is over.

Children can work, we know that from history, preindustrial  times, during industrialisation and even nowadays we encounter that..

So why not use all those starving children as cheap laborers, feeding them and keeping them well and than killing them humanely for human meat?

Would solve the world hunger, care for war orphans and people would get their meat without squandering ressources  on non humans.

Will it come to that?  Back to ancient times? Or will humans climb up the ladder of humanity and act like humans are supposed to be acting accoring to what humane means?

Well, I have the stomach churning feeling I will   encounter that live, time to boost my survival skills maybe.

Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

'As a vegan you can not have sex/nurse your kids' ..what´s behind that?

Having sex and nursing children is a priority in mamaels.

Humans enjoy sex and nursing offspring is natural, even enjoyable sometimes.

People  say that vegans can not have sex because  sex means getting animal matter(oh now humans are animals!) in your body one way or the other and nursing means that also.
Because milk is something animals produce..yep.

I guess that most humans even know! what BS they talk and that sex between two willing partners is totally different to killing someone and eating them.

But that is just another desperate attempt at making  beeing vegan seen as something undesirable.

Sex is fun, if they twist it as if vegans are not allowed to have sex(also because they kill those poor sperm cells and who says condom and lubricant is vegan?) they can get you back on the right! path and do not have to think about changing their own habits.

It is mindboogling how people harp on about how sperm and breastmilk is animal matter and you explain to them what vegan means and they still gnash their teeth and rip with their blunt fingernails at the animal matter part, no matter what.

Vegans know how Galileo must have felt..

And sometimes I can not help but  wonder, are people only playing dumb, or are they really so ....strange?

Please not, the world  is surely doomed than.

They are desperate, it could be amusing if it wasn´t such an important matter.

It is the same desperation that makes them compare the typical, modern american to some native tribe somwhere in africa or at the north pole.
Than they say something about natural while with everything else, nothing is natural with them.

No, a burger, coke and cell phone is not natural and they surely won´t give that up for the sake of their argument.

People want to protect their lifestyle, their comfort zone.
People fear new things, new areas, the unknown.

So they name the things they enjoy most and try to put it as if this would be a no go for us, as if they could  lead us back with fear into their area of the known world. They hope to lead us back to their reality, into the light.

And than it makes them especially angry when they can not leash us with their worries and fears.

Either they repeat the same thing over and over, they get to something new we all have heard a dozen and more times, or they get angry, spout some things that are totally far off the road and stomp away..

..and a very small numbers of them starts thinking.

They feel trapped when we show them what is possible, the unknown and impossible nearly looks doable.

So whatever they dish out, keep in mind that they fear to loose what is dear to them, and this situations makes people illogical   and spout nonsense that they otherwise would not believe themselves

Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

The ability of detachment

We detach ourselves from things and/or beeings to protect ourselves.

We detach ourselves from abusive people that normally are a part of our social environment, to walk away, we detach ourselves from situations which might harm our mind and/or body.

Humans detach themselves from a lot of things and situations because it is the easy way  to go.

Humans detach themselves from the human who is attacked by thugs, raped/beaten/mugged because they fear they might otherwise get attacked also.
Humans detach themselves from news about famine, war and illnesses in other countries or social groups.

Without the ability of detachment humans could not be aghast of the sight of abused children, animals and in turn also ignore the signs of the same happenings in their own neighbourhood.

People love their dog, but they detach themselves from the dog abused in animal testing or killed for the fake fur on their clothing or accessoires.

People love their children but detach themselves from the children elsewhere, be it the neighbourhood or another country, or they could not buy child labour products or do stuff that impacts children elsewhere negatively.

People may love their spouse, but the next moment detach themselves from said spouse  when they can gain satisfaction this way, be it that they steal the last piece of cake and eat it themselves or betray their spouse sexually with someone else.

This is also why people can call themselves animal lovers of the platonic kind and still will be responsible for the suffering and abuse of animals.

Even worse the kind of non platonic animal lovers ..or people who love children in this sick and twisted way from which they gain sexual satisfaction, blind to the suffering they inflict.

Detachment can be a useful skill, or people would get insane with the ammount of things that are wrong with the world.

Detachment can help us to view a problem and find a solution, but unfortunately all to often we abuse our ability of detachment to ignore a situation or a problem until we are in deep sh*t.

Abusers are perfectionists in this ability, this is why it is so hard to make them see the error of their ways.
They hold on strongly on  their detachment.

If one can detach themselves from the pain of someone who is raped and can concentrate on the pleasure of the act, giving up the detachment would mean to recognize the fear and pain caused, to feel guilty, ashamed, what not...

People dislike giving up their detachment because it helps them to enjoy life while ignoring the things that are going wrong, which they are causing to go wrong.

People dislike it when others take away their fun, why would they choose to take away their fun by themselves when there are not really pressing matters  that make it impossible to hold up detachment?

For example feeling detached, not caring about people beeing discriminated until it happens to yourself..when you are on the wrong side, detachment is a negative thing for yourself.

Detachment is not negative per se, it depends on how you  handle it.
It might help you keep yourself healthy and on track, beeing able to solve problems without beeing burdened and dragged down by your emotions.

Montag, 21. Januar 2013

People love violence?

It seems that no matter what people say, how far we are in our evolution and they angrily complain that they are not animals(some might be stones or  vegetables? ) and that they are a far cry from instinct driven beeings, they still prove that this isn´t true.

People say they are better than animals, but mostly they are only better in making more of a mess.

Chimps scream, throw sticks and stones, run around and pound against their chest to show off.
Humans scream, throw glass, stones, bombs or shoot each other, run around vandalizing and beat others into a pulp.

Animals have a big repertoire of how to behave if facing an opponent.
Humans do too.

Animals ruffle fur and feathers, strut around, use colourfull berries and leaves  to enhance their qualities.
Humans ...well just watch Jersey Shore.

Humans say they are so far above animal behaviour,  the next minute they defend their behaviour with beeing just animals and that their emotions got them.

They just pick what serves them best.

Humans have the ability to see violence as a joke.
They know they bring pain and suffering and they defend their choice with it beeing tradition or that it has been always the same way..or that it is entertainment.

This is what really makes humans different from other animals.
Humans know their behaviour is bad, evil, worse than that of any animal could be, but they twist and turn and wiggle around to defend it and talk about how it is not what it looks like.

I am not speaking about video game violence like..let´s say...Halo.

We know that we do not really kill someone with such a game and I also don´t think that those games train people to be indifferent to suffering or turn to killing animals and people in real life.

But than there are the masses, let´s a football game and someone doesn´t like that someone else cheers for the other team and we are back to animal 101, boasting, ruffling feathers, no matter the big brain.
We know that beating the other up and encouraging a big fight in the stadium will bring big problems for us.

We could use our logic and brain to act differently, but in this moment, people tell, it is all about this loveable rush of adrenaline, the power you feel when you beat someone else to a pulp.

We know that in a bull fight, we inflict horrible pain and suffering.
We know that killing off a dolphin through hacking away at it, is cruel.
We know that we might severly injure or even kill someone when we kick and hit him or her when they are on the ground.

The only reason this is done, is not because we just lost control or our instincts control us, it is fun, feeling powerful because we inflict pain and control over someone weaker than us, someone who can not defend themselves against us.

The sad thing is, we do not need violence to feel good or know that we are 'better' than someone else.

Maybe this is why so many people react agressive in the face of animal activists and vegans.

Because those activists have reached the higher level of feeling good and beeing better without  beating others into a pulp or inflicting unbearable pain.

Yeah, it requires work to not act on a low level, because an extent our instincts and animal genetics influence us, emotions may throw us into the unreasonable loop.

But if our animal heritage really would control us, than everyone would be violent in the extent the worst kind of humans are.
There would have been no one standing up against Hitler, Stalin, Mao and who ever else was out there, killing for the rush of power.

People followed those 'leaders' not just because he was charismatic or he said that there would be work and food for all.

It was because he said that some were more equal than others, that people had the right to degrade and even kill off those humans that were not equal enough.

And than there were the people who knew it was wrong to kill someone because they were different, or not as intelligent, or able to do tasks the same way the leading class of humans could.

Isn´t it the same nowadays?

People argue that other beeings  are less intelligent or beautiful or whatever and this is why they have the right to torture, abuse, mistreat and kill those beeings.

People can be trained to see violence, pain inflicted on  others as pleasurable.

Children will naturally shy away from inflicting pain or even killing small animals.
A normal child that isn´t already influenced by the behaviour of a callous grown up, may kill a butterfly because it is clumsy or doesn´t know that the butterfly is not robust enough to withstand the curious child.

But in turn, if parents explain what has happened and that the child has to be careful, the child will mourn its deed and tries to be careful.

Parents who act indifferent or is just an insect, that is the first step on the way of joy in violence.

Yeah it is fun to pluck off the wings of a butterfly, just like plucking off colourfull leaves or ripping them apart....

And if we do not learn that plucking off a butterflies wings is wrong because it causes pain and death, we might do similiar damage to other beeings.

In turn, with animals that show pain, those who bleed and cry like cats, dogs, pigs, deers, children will know that inflicting pain is wrong, that their behaviour is wrong.

Children will not take scissors and cut off a kittens legs because the screams and the blood are not exciting.
Children normally shy away from beaviour that inflicts obvious damage and pain because we are social animals.

But just like..for example...sexual pleasure will give us a rush of good feelings, people can be trained to get the same rush through violent behaviour.

As animals, we naturally feel a rush of endorphines when we have defended ourselves against an opponent, when we have defeated a rival who wanted to take our food, child or partner or maybe even our life.

Nature, evolution will give us a treat when we do something that helps us to survive..yeah just like copulation, nursing our young or fighting off enemys.

Beeing higher on the chain, more dominant than others would have gained us more food, more opportunities to spread our gens.

Beeing violent is an easy way to get a rush of endorphines, the drugs our body produces to pat us on the head and say "Good boy".

Child soldiers learn to love the kill through threats, beatings, drugs and the need to survive.
Sexually abused children learn to like the abuse they undergo in the need to survive, through the need of a child to feel secure in the knowledge that they are loved and will be protected from worse harm.

Children are easily influenced, bent to the will of the grown ups.

Children need to learn early that violence and abuse is normal so that they go against their own nature and preserve abusive, violent traditions.

No normal 8 year old will go out and kill a calf with a blade, but when trained early enough through threats and treats, it will see it as desirable, normal and pleasurable.

Same with children that are taught that hunting is fun.

And I am not talking about those natives folks who hunt to survive.
Because hunting there is never first and foremost about fun, it is about to get food and survive and respect nature.

I am talking about people who hunt with riffles and modern bows for fun, at the weekends, who have a pet bunny at home and show their children the fun of killing wild ones..not for food, first and foremost for the thrill of seeing the fear and fight of an animal for its life.

Normal children don´t enjoy seeing someone suffer and struggle to survive.
Children need to be indoctrinated against their social nature to see killing as an enjoyable, funny activity.

Children need to be detached from their social mind, detached from the pain and suffering to enjoy it and not feel emphaty.

The same mindset why school shootings happen.

We replay that in horror films, we know this is the reason why people kill other people, kill children.

In our entertainment on the screen we see hunters who hunt humans because it is the most intelligent, strong prey, the prey that makes the best challenge.

No matter if CSI, Silence of the lambs or Supernatural..or one of the other films or series on television where a killer was made into one by a parental figure who thaught them how to hunt and detach themselves, who taught cruelty as something enjoyable or that the mighty have the right to degrade and kill those who are weaker.

We know that we mold those killers with our 'better and therefor we can use you' behaviour...we protect the fear to stumble on the side of the victim in all those horrorfilms.

The screen, books, stories were always a mirror on whom we protected our deepest, carnal fears.

Humans act cruel against those weaker than themselves and we fear that we might also be once weak and be the abused, mistreated one.

It is humans greatest fear to get back all the abuse and 'better than them' attitude they dish out onto others.

In ancient times it was angry gods and spirits who dished out cruelty and punishment, nowadays it is serial killers, aliens, the monster out of the swamp/scary forest/ice.

We know our violent, cruel behaviour is wrong.

First because we have a concept of sin, of absolution, of laws.
Second, even the people who enjoy killing animals, who love to wear fur, watch bull fights, who defend what they do, know they are doing something wrong.

If hunters wouldn´t feel threatened, if their conscience wouldn´t still work, they wouldn´t react so violent against those who say that killing for fun, killing at the scale they do, is wrong.

There is still the part of the child who knows that inflicting pain is wrong and they do not want to be reminded of it, because than their world would crash and burn and they would have to face their deeds.

Violence is what had been taught to them, violence is the behaviour they had been taught to react to challenges. Not the normal way that our instincts would dedicate.
Violence on steroids, drugged up is what they have been taught.

And they react how they have been taught, to inflict pain, because they have no other way.
Because they are still the small and scared kid that was beaten down in mind, sometimes also bodily to accept  violence as normal and enjoyable.

This gets especially clear when hunters boast with their kills, show off mangled, bloody bodies, taunt people who see violence as something wrong to inflict on others.

It gets glaring evident when they threaten the life of those people, their family  when they dare to threaten their safe heaven of accepted cruelty and pleasureable violence.

Normal people sometimes wish they could blow  someones head off, but we all know which people are most likely the ones who don´t just make wishes  and have been trained to react brutally.

Even during the dark times of humanity, most people didn´t go around and kill off other people.
It still hasn´t changed so much nowadays, it is still mostly the 'elite' of people who have been taught that they are better, how to kill, who will in turn also kill humans and defend those deeds in their mind with 'because they pissed me off/slept with my wife-husband/ told me what to do/ I didn´t like them'

We most likely might understand and even excuse when parents would attempt to kill off the abuser/killer of their is just  that even than, most people won´t return the deed.

In the first moment of animal instincts taking over, seeing what has been done, parents might turn violent and kill.

But to plan a murder, working out how and when, is a rare case.
At least with people killing the murderers of their loved ones it would be somewhat justified in the minds of people.

Killing someone because of sleeping with a willing partner or 'don´t like them'   as justification, especially because we are humans and double intelligent(Homo sapiens sapiens), is not a reason that most other humans can understand or see as justified.

Killing off Kangaroos/Mustangs//Burros because they dare to eat from the same pasture as cows and sheep do and say they breed too much, is just another silly attempt to justify  beloved violence.

Unfortunately people like to believe that other people are just as nice and good as they are and believe the silliest justifications why someone needs to be killed off.

Humans want to believe that other humans are also good and nice and not dangerous.

This is why people who want to kill off wild predators, dolphins or wild herbivore animals because 'there are too many of them/we need to do it so they don´t get ill/eat all the plants-fish' don´t get more fire under their behinds....

People believe other people that this woman must burn because she is a witch, that they need to rip out human hearts so the sun will go up again or that jews are the enemies of the arian race, because they want to believe desperately that their fellow humans are not psychophatic, violent killers.

People believe the silliest things because we are social animals who want to feel save with our fellow humans.
People fear they might be shoved out of the tight fitted society and be outsiders, something that would have been a death sentence in early times of humankind.
So we still act after our instincts and try to stay with the crowd, therefor believing silly things and reasoning with ourselves against logic and emphaty.

But in reality we still know what is up, we just fear the challenge, or that those people who have learned, have been trained to abuse and kill, would turn against us...and this is a possibility.

No matter where you look, most serial killers, murderers, soldiers wo turn to kill civilians, have been trained in cruelty and violent behaviour first and foremost on animals.

As long as we justify abuse and killing with the inferiority of the victim, humans will abuse and kill their own species.

And if there are really people who can not understand the difference between killing for fun and the ability to kill because we are attacked and who think that we can not defend ourselves when we do not learn to abuse and kill, training on animals, than those people really should not be trusted  with humankind.

Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Dienstag, 18. September 2012

What is with people comparing human and animal rights?

So what?-Link

I tell you what is up with people comparing animal rights and human rights.

Humans are animals, you learn that in biology.

When we speak about human and animal rights we don´t mean that we want the right to vote for cows or equal job opportunities for bitches and human women.

Cows don´t care about votes, bitches don´t want to sit in an office and tip away on a computer.

This isn´t in the range of their abilites or mind.

What we mean, we all feel pain, we have feelings, we feel fear...we want a good life.

Clear so far?

When we compare human animals with non human animals we mean that both should have the right to be treated equally with respect, dignity and not to be abused just because someone sees them as inferior and dumb.

In biology we learn that cows, humans, dogs and other animals all have the same central nervous system and react with pain when you mistreat them, they will feel fear and get nervous disorders that are the same in dogs and cats and cows and horses as they are in humans.

Hit a dog and the dog will cower in fear because it doesn´t understand why the loved family member is bringing pain...same with a child, same with a grown human.
They will all feel pain and cower in fear.

They do not want to be mistreated.

This is meant when we compare human and non human animal rights.

The abused feminist who is feeling insulted by beeing compared to an abused non human female, is experiencing the same mindset as a sexist cis male does when compared to a woman.

The sexist male thinks that women are dumb and inferior and this is his reason for abusing them.
The homophobic human is thinking that non-hetero people are inferior and dangerous and this is his reason for abusing them.
The racist human is thinking that non-white people are inferior, dumb and dangerous and this is his or her reason for abusing them.
The speciest feminist thinks that non human females are inferior, dumb, dangerous or just way below them and therefor it is ok to abuse said females and their abuse matters less.
Therefor it is an insult when someone dares to say that when mistreated both suffer the same.

It is insulting to be compared to a human(non cis, non white, non male) you deem as inferior to yourself.

Same with feminists who feel insulted when someone dares to say that  abuse is wrong and humans, dogs, dolphins, parrots, chimps and cows suffer the same.

A speciest feminist thinks that only females they deem worthy have earned the right to be treated the same way they wish to be treated and feel insulted when you say that rape is rape.

A speciest feminist needs to degrade a non human female with the same attributes a cis sexist uses on said feminists, to have a reason why they only stand up for 'special', better females and not all females.

A speciest feminist uses the same degrading phrases and prejudices on others that have no means to defend themselves.

A speciest feminist feels degraded by beeing compared to a suffering animal because they have the prejudice that those animals are dumb, ugly, smelly and just plain inferior to them and beeing compared to them is an insult.

A sexist male feels insulted through female attributes put on him or when someone tells him that women are equal to men in their basic needs and deeds.

No one would say that women and men are totally the same, everyone is different, but in their basic needs...respect, love, feelings, the ability to feel pain and wanting to be treated well and be respected, we are the same.

No  one says that human and non human animals are totally the same. Cows have no interest or knowledge of voting. Humans don´t have four stomachs and live on grass. Chickens don´t want to drive a car and women don´t lay eggs and grow feathers and feel the need to take a dustbath and roost..

But no matter if you kick a woman or kick a dog, it hurts both in body and mind and is wrong.
A bitch and also a woman suffer the same when raped.

None of the two deserve to be kicked or raped, they are equal in their suffering and in their right to be protected from abuse.

As long as you degrade someone you deem less worthy, dumber and inferior, carry around the same prejudices as your abusers and deny 'the right of beeing save from abuse' to others, you will degrade yourself.

If you don´t think a woman, a homosexual, intersexual, disabled person or an animal is way below you, you can not be insulted with beeing called a woman, a homosexual, an intersexual, a disabled person or an animal.

It is really interesting how feminists can dig out the same prejudices against other beeings and act the same as cis, sexist men when you challenge their beliefs that abuse and abuse are not the same.

Human females and non human females are not the same, but they deserve equal basic rights.

If you think animal acitivists want the vote and schooling and equal job opportunities for cows, dogs and humans you either play dumb or you are dumb.
If you think a dog suffers less from a rape  than a human, you are either playing dumb, or you are dumb.

If you feel insulted by beeing called a woman, a child, a homosexual, a disabled or an animal, you carry the same mindset of prejudices with you and need to lose them.

Just food for time someone calls you a bitch, see it as an compliment and say so.Take power away from them by twisting their prejudiced insult into a compliment.

"Yes, thank you for seeing me as an intelligent, loyal and caring person. Bitches are really wonderfull animals and I thank you for thinking that I am such a wonderfull person"

Or the asian horoscope is also a way to take power away from abusers.
There are cows and chicken and pigs and apes and dogs.

"A cow? No, according to my horoscope I am a dragon/cat/whatever. But I thank you for thinking that I am a fiercely defensive, gorgeous person.I didn´t think that you knew about asian horoscopes, a pleasant surprise"


"Wow, how did you know I am a cow in the asian horoscope? I didn´t realise my caring, strong headed nature is shining through so strongly"

Or just

"I see you try to insult me by calling me a dog/cow/whatever. In reality they are wonderful animals with many good attributes. But I guess you don´t have those and can therefor not recognize them. Luckily I am not you, I would feel really insulted than(beeing said person)."

And so on....if you feel insulted you give them power.
Just try it, if you play it off good, the look on their faces is just so satisfying. Sure there are always the  ones who react with violence, who don´t have the ability to think in a proper way.But with the less stupid ones you have a chance to shock their brain back into thinking-mode.

Oh...and stop your prejudices, or they will always have fuel to degrade you easily..
You already took a step against common prejudices  and degradation, how about taking the next step instead of just standing there halfway?

It is a hard time standing against the masses, but throwing around degrading speech about other lifeforms who are abused and mistreated and see them as  inferior(and as an insult to you) is only making it harder.

Feminist-what´s the meaning?

Feminist means  standing up for the rights of females.

So they can have equal opportunities and rights as males and that they are both treated with the same respect, dignity and care and not abused.

I juggled a bit with the word...

Feminist, female..doesn´t  have the word human there, has it?

Humanists are for human feminists had logically to stand for all females right to be treated right, with respect and dignity and not to be abused, ridiculed and to be treated as an inferior beeing where it is ok to be abused and mistreated.

So how can feminists feel insulted when one female is compared  to the other female?

Rape is rape, isn´t it? Abuse is abuse. It doesn´t matter if you are black, or white, disabled or  from a different species.

Female is female, abuse is abuse.

Feminists feel insulted to be compared to other females when they see these females like men see women.

If you see a female as inferior, stupid, weak, dumb and think it is ok to use said female to gain something from it, bringing the other female pain, than you feel insulted as a feminist to be compared to a female you see as inferior to yourself.

There is nothing wrong with bitches, pigs or cows.

I bet there were feminists in the era of blacks beeing inferior to whites, feeling insulted to be compared as a white woman to a black woman.

That has changed now,so how about changing feeling insulted to be compared to a wonderful, lovely, intelligent and playfull animal like a cow, or dog, or a pig?

We ourselves degrade those beeings to be less than us, but in reality it is wrong to hit a horse, a cow, a kid or a human and it is wrong to call either of them stupid, dirty or worthless.
Just because they don´t have our abilities doesn´t mean they are stupid.

You can only feel dehumanized and insulted by beeing compared to someone, if you hold prejudices, ridicule them and see them as inferior.

There is nothing wrong with beeing a cow or beeing a human woman.
Stop prejudices...rape is rape, abuse is abuse and cows are wonderfull beeings, just like human females are.

Cows are different, not inferior and not an insult.

                                       Feminist for all females

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